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Forum Rules

A place for admin to place forum wide announcements and also the full list of the forum rules.

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1] Views expressed on the forum are solely those of the poster, and no other person or party. You agree to take full responsibility for any comments you post, even in the case of legal proceedings as a result of your comments. Libelous, defamatory and incitement posts will be removed by moderators and a warning or ban issued. The moderators and admin of this forum will cooperate fully with any Police or legitimate inquiry arising from any proceedings brought against any individual poster.

2] No bad language. Please refrain from using any offensive language. Also, do not substitute asterisks, acronyms, or use an alternative spelling or abbreviation for an obvious word in the hope that this will not get you a warning or a ban, it will.

3] Posts should be none abusive or offensive to others. Please show proper respect for the opinions of other users. Do not tag or label posters, regardless of what you may think, they are entitled to an opinion just the same as you are.

4] No 'Trolling' ie comments not helpful to the debate but made in order to provoke an adverse reaction from other posters.

5] This is a family forum, avoid references or innuendo of an adult, obscene or offensive nature. Whether this be in your post, your avatar, your signature or any external link posted by you.

6] Please write in English and do not use text talk or deliberately misspelled short-cuts such as 'does any1 no wot the score is?' This is a place for intelligent debate and we ask all posters to write conventionally.

7] Avoid duplicating threads. If there is already a thread running with the topic on which you want to post, use that instead of starting a new thread. Don't worry about it not being seen as threads with the newest posts jump to the top of the board.

8] Warnings are visible on each members profile and mini profile just under your name. This is a traffic light system and increases with the number of warnings given by the moderating team. Dependant on the severity of the offence, banning from the forum (temporary or permanent) can still be implemented at any time, regardless of the number of warnings you have received. Admin's and moderators decisions are final.

9] Persistent behaviour that is deemed to be obnoxious or overbearing may well lead to a suspension and/or a ban from the forum. Due to the subjective nature of this rule it will only be invoked as a result of a majority decision by the forum moderators.

10] Messages sent by the forum's Private Message (PM) facility are also governed by these rules.

11] Commercial advertising and spamming is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, and private message systems to spam other members. The use of links, in messages or signatures, to commercial sites is strictly forbidden. Links not accompanied with a text explanation are also not allowed.

12] One username per person please, multiple accounts are not permitted and will result in deletion of all accounts.

13] The above rules also apply to video blogs posted on this forum.

14] The Forum Admin reserve the right to make any rule amendments as they see fit, as and when deemed necessary.

15) It is a requirement of this forum that you provide a valid email address when you register, regular security checks are made and any user found to have an invalid email will either be deleted. Admin may give the user chance to provide a valid email address depending upon the circumstances.

16] New registrations will not be accepted from Bogus or proven spam email accounts due to the amount of spammers , and because generally people registering on here to just troll the board use these.

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